Paris Premium

February 28 - March 01 • €349
3 Days / 2 Overnights

See the best of Paris

3 Great Touring Options

Don't miss the opportunity to see the sights of Paris while you are in Europe! If you're tight on time and travel dollars, our 1 day Paris Express trip is jam-packed with popular sites. If you want to see everything in depth at a relaxed pace the 3 day Paris Premium is the trip for you. Looking for something in between - say hello to the city of lights with our 2 day Paris Bonjour Tour.
  • Paris Riverfront
  • Notre Dame
  • Versailles
  • Sacred Couer
  • Moulin Rouge

Italy Classic

Discover the treasures
of Venice, Rome, Florence Sorrento & more...

Spring Break • April 04 - 09
6 Days • 5 Overnights • €899

Professional & Friendly
Tour Guides

Trained guides travel with you for the entire tour, always ready to share expert advice & knowledge.

Serving the Military Community 20+ Years

Cancellation terms and insurance that cater to military service members. Safety and security first.

First Class
Travel Experience

Direct day time travel on modern coaches, first class hotels, premium culinary offerings and excursions.

Venice @ Carnevale

President's Day   Feb. 15 - 17
3 Days / 2 Overnights

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